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Welcome to HKU Bookstack!

This Bookstack is maintained by employees of HKU University of the Arts in the Netherlands. It aims to be a public knowledge base that we can use to share knowledge that we develop in our activities. You can find all topics through the Search bar up top, or through the Shelves or Books pages at the top right. You can also browse the catalog through the Tags page.

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Image by <a href="">Lubos Houska</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>

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What's a Bookstack?

The platform consists of Books (Boeken) and Shelves (Boekenplanken).

A Book is a collected body of knowledge on a certain topic, containing general information, tutorials, link lists, how-to's, recipes, etc. On the Books page you can find an overview of all available books.

A Shelf is a collection of books that is curated by a workshop, teacher or department. On the Shelves page you can find all the collections that are currently curated.

Of each Book there should be only one on this Bookstack, while there can be any number of Shelves containing that one book. For instance, the Arduino Things! book exists on several shelves, but all shelves point to the same book.

Please Note...

...that this Bookstack is an ongoing project. Not all Books and Pages are complete, and it is currently in a mix of Dutch and English. If you see any errors or would like to add something to a page, please contact the owner of the page, whom you can find at the top right in the Details section.