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The Symbiotic Biodata Sonification Midisprout board

The Symbiotic Biodata Sonification Board

Some general information about the Spad Electronics board from their product website.

Unlock the full potential of plants with Symbiotic - the ultimate plant-based musical instrument. Based on the open-source MidiSprout Biodata Sonification project, our device captures plants' micro electrical variations and transforms them into MIDI, CV, gate, and trigger signals for synthesizers. A perfect fit for makers and DIY enthusiasts, Symbiotic allows you to create truly unique and organic sounds using the natural world. Whether you're a musician, artist, or just a nature lover, Symbiotic is the perfect addition to your studio or home. Features: - Captures plants' micro electrical variations - Transforms them into MIDI, CV, gate, and trigger signals - Available as both a DIY kit and fully assembled - Create truly unique and organic sounds - Open source project

Buy now on Tindie and take your music to the next level with the power of plants. Join the community of makers and developers who are using Symbiotic to create new and innovative sounds. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to own a Symbiotic device and start making music like never before!

How does it work?

Just attach the electrodes to the leaves of your favorite plant or your skin or any living thing and the fluctuations of the galvanic conductance will produce MIDI/cv notes. sampling the pulse widths and identifying the fluctuations will generate control messages and MIDI notes.

You can set the threshold, the scale, the midi channel and the brightness of the leds using the potentiometer and switch on the board. You will only need a plant, a 9v battery and a synth (hardware or software) and you are ready to listen to them if you buy the diy kit we send you the assembly pdf. 

Some Examples of biodatasonification using the Spad Electronics board: