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Zed 2i

ZED 2i is an IP66-rated Rolling Shutter camera built for spatial analytics and immersive experiences, powered by Neural Depth Engine 2. Ready to deploy, it has a robust aluminum enclosure, high-performance IMU and USB 3.1 connection.
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Works on PC only
How to install: 

Main Features

  1. Dual-Lens Stereo Vision: Provides advanced depth perception and 3D mapping capabilities.
  2. Spatial Understanding: Offers a detailed understanding of the surrounding environment.
  3. Motion Tracking: Tracks objects and people in real-time with high accuracy.
  4. High-Resolution Imaging: Captures high-quality images, essential for detailed visual work.
  5. Robust Build: Designed for a variety of environments, enhancing versatility.
  6. Integrated Sensors: Includes IMU, barometer, and magnetometer for comprehensive data collection.
  7. Flexible Connectivity: USB 3.1 connection for easy integration with various systems.




Also, if this is a topic of your interest, it might come in handy to have a look at the official ZED documentation:


more info on

Skeleton tracking keypoints (there are various options)