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Check our this dudes tutorial:

  • Select the right type of driver for your kinect.
  • Download & install as instructed on the pages below
  • tip: only install one type of kinect a time on your pc, as things may get messy after mixing.

Kinect 360 (SDK 1.8)

kinect 360.jpeg

This sensor is widely available on 'marktplaats ' & doesn't cost much. Don't forget to also purchase a dedicated Kinect power/USB cable to connect it to your computer!

Kinect One (SDK 2.0)


Kinect Azure
You can find installation details for Azure Kinect Sensor SDK and Firmware here.

kinect azure.jpg


  • Always connect the AC power supply that comes with the Kinect sensor. The green LED will light up under USB power, however the sensor will not function correctly unless the AC power supply is also connected.
  • Kinect V1 can be less stable on USB3.0 ports, try USB2.0 ports if you are experiencing problems connecting tot he device or the connection drops out after some time.
  • If using multiple Kinects, each Kinect sensor must be connected to its own USB controller. On some computers multiple USB ports will be on the same USB controller, this will cause problems if two Kinects are sharing that same controller. Refer to your computer's Device Manager to inspect which ports belong to each USB controller.