Types of Depth camera's & alternatives for position tracking

At HKU we have most of these camera's available. Inform about the possibilities at the Blackbox

kinect 360.jpeg

kinect 360
Kinect on Mac 
Kinect on Pc


Kinect One

Kinect on Mac 
Kinect on Pc

kinect azure.jpg

Kinect Azure

Kinect on Mac 
Kinect on Pc




Orbec Astra
plugin for Touchdesigner


Orbec Femto Bolt & Mega

zed 2i.jpg

zed 2i
Camera for depth perception, motion and AI, the ZED 2i is a durable and versatile stereo camera that can be deployed in most environments. (also outside!)
Zed in Touchdesigner


Oak D
Spatial AI camera (open source) OAK stands for OpenCV AI Kit.
PC & Mac compatible, python setup necessary! For loan @ BB Jk
Touchdesigner setup
Data sheet


Leap motion 1


Leap motion 2

The URG-04LX-UG01 scanning laser rangefinder is a low power, small, accurate, high-speed device for obstacle detection. Using the USB interface for power and communication, this unit can obtain measurement data in a 240° field of view up to a distance of 4 meters.

download driver (link)


Touchdesigner has a chop for it, the Hokuyu will work when connected, in mac

Some comparison articles:
the 3 kinects compared: https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/21/2/413 

depth maps compared

Apps that can do body tracking  for your mobile devices 

an app that turns your phone/tablet into a depth sensor & tracking camera (over OSC)
iKeleton OSC
an app that turns your phone into body tracking camera (over OSC) sending X&Y coordinates
Media Pipe*
MediaPipe is a cross platform Framework for building machine learning pipelines for processing time-series data like video, audio, etc. 
Amongst many other possibilities it turns your webcam into a depth/tracking camera.
Mocap: optitrack TBD Mocap: Vive 2x TBD
Vive  trackers
Vive Ultimate trrackers

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